Africa – On Safari part 2

We have had a wonderful time so far. Its Sunday midday and we have two drives to go before we fly to Port Elizabeth to begin our tour of the garden route.

Each day has been up at 5:15 on first drive before 6 AM for 2.5 to 3 hours, return for breakfast and then rest till 3:30 and drive until sundown or a bit after. Then drinks with your ranger and dinner. Dinner alternates between family still in their boma and sit down plated meals. Food is fabulous, lots of local fruit growers.

The lodge is wonderful. We had elephants outside our room the first night (everything is unfenced). Someone walks you to your room every night as all the rooms are in separate out buildings from the main lodge. Monkeys and impala are all over the property.

Six drives down to go, we have seen more than we ever could’ve hoped for + a herd of 300+ Cape Buffalo.

Thanks for all of this planning to Ute Sonnenberg at Roho Ya Chui!!

Slow wifi. All photos posted on Facebook public album here.



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