Open Lands on Martha’s Vineyard

We explored this one on foot today since it was a gloriously clear and moderately warm Friday in June. No one was there. Located on North road about .7 miles west of Tabor House Rd, it is marked by a small sign.

Some spectacular vistas and beautiful land. Believe its about 211 acres. Learn more about it on the Trustees website here. You can find it on a Google map here!

Cycling on Martha’s Vineyard

I live in Bucks County, PA, which has some of the most beautiful countryside with untravelled roads. I am moving to Greenville, SC in the next year which has more of the same, especially north of town toward the NC border.

I come to Martha’s Vineyard each year of the last 12 to relax in June. the cycling and countryside here is superb (at least this time of year). Count all the cars in the video below!