Infographic: State of the GeoSocial Universe

Infographic: State of the GeoSocial Universe



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The infographic shows the number of users on each social network, and what portion of those users overlap with the huge mobile “sun.” For instance, Facebook has 500 million active users, with roughly one-third of them accessing their accounts via mobile devices. Services like Foursquare, Gowalla, and Loopt, being entirely dependent on mobile tech, have 100% of their users within the mobile sphere.

I found this interesting given my fascination with Location based services (LBS) and their potential at our upcoming BarCamp. It also speaks to the undeniable success of Facebook’s new feature “places

And now for something “completely different”, er controversial

I came across this on Facebook today (thanks Chris)!!

After spending a good 15 years making and supporting vaccine quality at Merck, I got a little tired of the anti-vaccination movements supported by charlatans like Andrew Wakefield. This british gastroentreologist conducted some poorly designed “research” showing linkages between autism and administration of childhood vaccines containing thimerosal, a mercury containing preservative since banned.

The studies were flawed, an outbreak of measles and other controllable diseases were easily attributable to the anti vaccine movement, but none speak how I feel better than Penn and Teller!

More Bucks County on Two Wheels

As I contemplate moving South to Greenville, SC next year to begin to ease into retirement, I wanted to share some still and moving images from my beautiful home in Bucks County, PA. Click to enlarge, download or “play”.

Rickert’s Road farm, fall and winter


Nockamixon State Park

around Doylestown. Univest GP, my backyard and Mercer museum

dawn at Peace Valley Park, New Britain


Ride for the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey (BIANJ)

This was originally posted in August, but BIANJ continues to need your support for this ride on October 16. Register or learn more here.


My latest cause and passion is to help this organization help those who have injuries resulting from head trauma. This can result from a battleground or sports injury or commonly a car accident.

They say a picture tells a story or a picture’s worth a thousand words, but Brianne Applegate below is one of those stories.


She suffered a car accident on Februay 1, 2008 and has spent the time since recovering from a C2 fracture, frontal lobe damage and a punctured lung. She has seen multiple specialists and been in multiple facilities (lastly the Kessler Institute for 9 months) and, when I met her last week, seems to have made a most remarkable recovery. This was certainly due to the resources, love and dedication of her parents Brian and Maryanne and their family.

Her full account to the Trentonian is here.

Others aren’t so fortunate and rely on wonderful organizations like the Brain Injury Association of NJ for moral and financial support and helping in finding the right medical practitioners and facilities.

The organization has long held their Walk for Thought as a fund-raising event in Paramus, NJ. This year they are adding a charitable bike ride called Cycle for Safety in Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville, NJ.

This ride will be held Saturday, October 16. There are routes for everyone (10, 25, and 50 miles).  They have a first class group, G4 Productions organizing. This group is bringing the 2012 Giro D’Italia to American soil!!

Registration is available online through or you can download a brochure here.

Additionally, you can support the BIANJ through Causes, a facebook application. Here you can donate directly or invite others to get the word out.

Please join me and other cyclists in riding for this wonderful cause!