Thankful for the 4 Fs

Its the time of the year to count your blessings. Throughout the year, I, like many others, will occasionally whine and complain. Every now and then its nice to sit back and count your blessings. I reflect on what’s really important to me as I inwardly mumble “quite ur bitchin”!


Thanks to my immediate and extended family for making my life complete. Thanksgiving is a time for family and sharing all that we have with each other.


In my case, my family includes my 4 children who all happen to have fur.


Virtual and physical, online and offline, I am thankful for all the friends that I have made recently or over the many years, I have rekindled some friendships from high school as a result of social media.


Making friends and networking is one of the beauties of social media. As I move south, I have made good friends through a “self-selection” process online that matches interests, styles and personalities and then chosen to meet those people face to face. Much more efficient (and fun). Thank you all for enriching my life!


So I forced this one to be “an F”. Fitness is important. Maintaining good health and quality of life is paramount.



As I lay yesterday in an MRI tube for a silly wrist injury and thought, “this is horrible”, I caught myself. I said to myself that this is just a small artifact of aging and that at my age I am still able to do the things I love athletically and physically. I remembered riding across the state of PA last year and thinking of the kids I was doing it for. The Make A Wish foundation helps kids who do not have the good fortune to have the good health that I do. Thank you for my good health and allowing me to help others that don’t!


And even without the other 3 “Fs” aligning perfectly, I am grateful when I remember that life is richer and fuller when you think about smiling and having fun! It makes each day that much more fulfilling!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


The Beauty of Peace Valley Park


I am lucky enough to live less than 2 miles from Peace Valley, part of the Bucks County Park System. Peace Valley Park consists of 1500 acres of public land, including a 365 acre lake, Lake Galena. Over 14 miles of hiking trails afford solitude with lakeside and streamside views at the Peace Valley Nature Center. It is my conduit to my meeting spot


for my weekday cycling runs.

The popularity of the place has allowed me to win public office!!


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The slowly changing water temperature, when coupled with cool air in the mornings has made for some interesting fog formations as the fog clings to the water even over the spillway as the video above shows.

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This is the same “pan” shot on a clear autumn day

And its equally beautiful in January. Two shots above were the geese trying to find that warm water as the ice melted (Jan. 16, 2010)


And then of course, there are always the sunrises. The next 3 photos were all shot on the same morning within 15 minute of each other.

I will miss it dearly when I move South next year. There are beautiful parks such as Pisgah and Paris Mountain (closer to Greenville), but none will have the great memories of Peace Valley