Where is my iPad?


So for a self-proclaimed gadgetophile, I reacted slowly…




But now my friends are rubbing it in. By the time I decided I had to have one (acting like the South Park characters in the famous Best Buy video). Is it a big iPhone? “I don’t care.”

So I start my search. Realize that Best Buy’s online inventory isn’t worth a hill of beans and make 40 calls for a 16 or 32 gig wifi..to no avail. I dismiss the 3G versions as more than I want to pay and, of course, I knew then about the Library of Congress ruling to make jailbreaking legal 🙂

So why pay 2 data plans. Jailbreak the phone, make it a 3G hotspot and connect the WIFI iPad!

Easy if you can find one.

So I continue my quest at the local Apple retailer Mac Outfitters, locally in beautiful Doylestown. I put myself on waiting lists for 2 models, 23 and 8-deep respectively. After a week, they get no shipments!

I go to Apple online and place my order for a 32 gig WIFI with protection plan and a camera adaptor to attach camera via USB.

Then the idea for a Doylestown Bar Camp comes together. On the 22nd of July, I attend a planning meeting and am subjected to the scene below. 

Watch on Posterous

Yesterday, my friend Angela at Bucks Happening tweets “I got an IPAD!!!!”. This is the final straw! Where did she get one, I ask. “Oh, I planned a friends wedding and she gave it to me as a gift!” Here I am turning over every blessed rock on the East Coast and some one drops one on her door step and says “enjoy!”

The fina straw today was when the item below arrived from China (on a slow boat, I presume). Great, I can really find a use for this!


So I wait until August 9th to get mine. How much more angst by then?


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