M.O.M.’s Beer tasting Dinner

Attended a 4 course beer tasting meal at Maxwell’s on Main (M.O.M.’s) last night. Some intersting beers including some California microbrews and a local one infused with tea from Prism Brewery in North Wales, PA. Second and third course served with Coronado’s Idiot IPA and the Bruery’s Trade Wind Tripel.

All in all, company was good, beers were interesting and food and service was great. My only opportunity for improvement would be that they had 8-10 oz pours and the portions of food were miniscule (main course served on a saucer size plate).

Given the volume of beer and the hour, the expecation was a normal size meal! 


some of the group of beer aficionados


friends Geoff and Chris

Watch on Posterous

a pan of the 20 or so attendees


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