Singapore Botanic Gardens: National Orchid Garden



This beautiful attraction has been in existence over 150 years. You can learn more about at their website. We spent 6 hours there last march and it was amazing. Spotless (as is everything else) in Singapore, well marked, and easy to navigate.

The highlight was the National Orchid Garden where this photo was taken. The Google synopsis of the garden is found here. My advice is to not do one of the multi-stop bus tours to the Botanic Gardens; they will give you an hour that will leave you aching for more.

Every item in the entire facility is meticoulously tagged for the avid botanist (not me; I just enjoyed the beauty).

On our trip, there were a handful of other sites recommended to us, this was not among them. Hopefully if someone reads this and is headed to Singapore soon, they won’t make a mistake by missing this!!


One thought on “Singapore Botanic Gardens: National Orchid Garden

  1. Thanks for bring us this story about Singapore Botanic Gardens. The exotic orchid is great for the gardens.

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