Easy Chair Talks Back: Taveuni, Fijian Paradise

Taveuni, Fiji looking toward Matagi

Going through my old photos, I found this and some other shots of our 3 trips to Taveuni in Fiji.

Its about a 90 minute flight on a small plane form the international entry point of Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee).

One of the most beautiful places I have been on my travels over 6 continents and 55 countries. Its the Kauai of Fiji, boasting beautiful waterfalls, beaches and spectacular diving in the Somosomo straits.

We stayed all visits at Dive Taveuni, owned by New Zealanders Rick and Do Cammick. They sold it a while back and returned to NZ after almost 20 years there.

A great vacation retreat and if you enjoy diving, a treasure!

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