The Greenville Saga Continues


Just returned from a weekend in Greenville, confirming our love for the area. We stayed in the golf cottages at Cherokee Valley Golf Club. We spent most of the weekend trying to confirm our decision to build there on the lot we purchased in August, 2007. We visited the lot to see the 6,700 square foot McMansion going up next door.

Now I have nothing against large homes, but on a 0.3 acre lot!!

On top of this we find out that this (Cherokee Valley) semi-private course with intentions to go private sounds like it will be public ad infinitum. We found a house style that we thought we would like to build, a traditional Southern look like the second photo here. But could we make it work.


We set out the second day after taking a ton of photos of our lot to look for a golf club more like the one we have here. We fell in love with Greenville Country Club and then started to think that although the mountains are beautiful, its a bit too remote. I dont know if I can live without proper broadband and 3G wireless. I am spoiled?

Also the commute seemed better if we settled closer to the I-85 corridor since I would be commuting to Shelby, NC area a few days a week to work.

We’d certainly be sacrificing an amazing view to move closer to town, but would we be happier?


We had a great dinner at Saskatoon on Saturday night in town, recommended by new online friend, Trey Pennington. Very unique and good!

We met with a builder, Jason Bergeron of Bergeron Builders, on Sunday via a realtor. We realized that, although building has slowed dramatically, new home costs per square foot have not. So now, we’re thinking possibly buying a used home.

Of course to do this, we would need to sell our lot next to the McMansion. Many folks might argue that a home of this value would increase the inherent value in our lot.. We’ll see.

All in all, another great weekend Upstate, but one that gives us new information that answered some questions and raised others…stay tuned.

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